Lakeside Mills has been producing stone ground corn meal products in North Carolina since 1736. Our history is long and rich. The mill was used to supply the Continental troops in the fields as well as Lenoir County during the Revolutionary war. During the Civil War, much fighting took place near the original mill site, located east of Kinston NC. The original mill site is situated on Kelly's pond, which is over 300 acres and was once a major recreation area with its fishing, picnicking, swimming and boating facilities.

Lakeside Mills was owned by several different families before it was purchased in 1929 by the King family, where it has remained for four generations. Incorporated in 1968, Lakeside has seen many changes, from the direct delivery of our products within a 30 mile radius  to a complete modern distribution of Lakeside brands  to grocery and foodservice warehouses in over ten southeastern states.

We take pride in providing to our customers the old southern style of corn meal and flour products that they have used for generations.  Lakeside Mills has corn meal, flour, stone ground grits, hushpuppy mixes, biscuit mix, seafood breaders, chicken breader, frying breaders, and pancake mix. Corn meal products are available as roller ground or stone ground.  All of our products are available in most southeastern United States grocery stores and restaurants.

The fifth generation of King's is now starting out, as did their fathers. The treat of going to the mill, the excitement of the big trucks coming and going, the grain trucks as they unload their grain for daddy, and of course the food shows where they can hand out coupons and greet our customers.

As always, our history and tradition continues, with the pride and heritage of our forefathers guiding our path.


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